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Lashes & Brows



Meet the hypoallergenic product series from Eva Mitrani 

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Eva Mitrani Academy 
Lashes & Brows

The only technique that lasts 3 months, under warranty!

Eyelash Extension


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The new product line from Ava MitternY  in Israel 

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"Many fashionistas have already realized that fashion and lifestyle go together,

And in order to create a perfect total look, we invest not only in our clothes and these accessories, but also in the appearance of our eyelashes!

It is known that long and rounded eyelashes are the real weapon for a woman

which make her eyes mysterious, impressive and have a unique effect only for her."

As the developer of my exclusive lash lifting technique I wanted to talk to you about your lashes...​

Eyelashes are the hairs that grow at the ends of the eyelids. Their job is to protect the eye from everyday dirt

and renewed between two and three months.

​Eyelashes are sensitive to touch and are a means of protecting the eye when the eyelashes come into contact with other objects

by reflexively blinking.

​For years, long eyelashes have been considered more attractive, and some people wish to extend their eyelashes artificially with extensions, gluing and braiding in order to look more spectacular and attractive.

​ In all these cases, the eyelashes are synthetic, which causes the accumulation of dust that sits on the eyelashes

and creates repeated inflammations and infections.

​After a period of rehabilitation according to age and genetics, the damage caused to the eyelashes damages their integrity and as a professional who is a pioneer in her field, I decided to provide a professional and reliable solution  for a natural treatment without additives and adhesions at all with the addition of a host of hypoallergenic products that protect the hair

​after developing the technique  my exclusive and special natural method

I am proud to offer you a variety of products known for their quality for the perfect and attractive look. 

And most importantly, everything is 100% natural!!!!!


and invites you to join the success and experience the variety of unique products I have developed.

Do you want to join thousands of satisfied girls who are currently enjoying tips, promotions and discounts?

You have nothing to wait for! One click, and you're there.  And it's totally b-h-y-n-m!

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